Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pair of Wing Chairs - Denim Blue & Restyled


These chairs were an interesting project. They are well made frames, but the style was a bit dated, and if you ask me, the tops reminded me a bit of a toddler's car seat, so Pierre suggested to the client that we could change the style of the chairs while reusing most of the existing padding/foam. This would modernize the chair by making them into a more traditional shape (if that makes any sense).

This set also had very interesting carved legs with sort-of a duck shaped foot, which I haven't seen before. I think these turned out beautifully, and our client was very happy.

For the reconstruction, we had to redo the padding on the wings, and modify the padding on the arms. New facings (the arm end caps) were made, and the existing seat cushions were very worn, so new foam cushions were cut and fitted for the chairs.

An additional side note: the fabric looks a bit like a faded denim, but it's actually more of a silky/high-end fabric, and it looks different up-close.


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