Thursday, November 14, 2013

Antique Reproduction Table Repair

This was a rather awkward break to repair, but in the end, it turned out quite well.

The table was purchased online, and it arrived to our client with one leg very badly damaged. The table is made to look like a Louis XVI style piece, but it's a fairly recent reproduction. Because of this, some of the joinery (construction and glue joints) are not the best quality, and the table didn't travel well.

Here's the table "as received" and viewed from the back (the front has a drawer).

Details of the break:

To reglue the joint, we had to make custom clamp blocks. Once the leg was dry, the excess glue was removed, and portions of the damaged veneer were cut away for new mahogany patches.

Hairline cracks were puttied.

The finished table, after colour matching, touch-ups, and lacquer.

Can you see it?

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