Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Small Antique Wing Chair - Red Toile

Here is a lovely old wing chair. This is the smallest wing chair I've seen so far. It's not so small that I would call it a child's size, but it's smaller than an average one. This one had a nice solid frame, and the original horsehair stuffing on most of the chair (which was retained).

The chair had been previously redone, and this is how it looked when we got it.

A bit hard to tell here, but the back was bowed outwards due to worn webbing from the back springs.

The bottom had been doubled-up to help stiffen it without actually repairing it (by a previous upholsterer). All of this was removed, and new webbing was installed.

Under the top layer, and some added padding, we found the original fabric, which was a thin printed material almost like a silk.

The seat had a remnant of a bright yellow tag, but we don't know what company made this chair.

Original fabric removed, and some of the worn horsehair "rough covers" removed (to be replaced):

Deck and front roll removed. The spring ties were still in very good shape, so we only had to redo the webbing. Sadly I forgot to take a photo of that step.

Back (before changing the webbing):

New burlap on the deck, and reattached/re-stitched edge roll:

New back webbing:

Deck padding and new "rough cover":

The finished upholstery (a nice red toile) being applied. You can see the rest of the rough covers.

Here's the finished chair. I should note that this wing chair has a lovely high quality down seat cushion.

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