Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pair of Ribbed-Back Arm Chairs - Checkered Black & Beige

Here is a pair of arm chairs we did a short while ago. They were still covered in the original fabric, which was at one point a light mint green & gold. The green had faded away, and the fabric was quite worn. In addition, the client wanted the wood refinished.


Once the frames were stripped and sanded, the client decided that she liked the frames as-is, with just a clear coat.

Here's one of the only "in-between" photos I took. It shows a mostly finished chair, with new webbing on the curved back for strength.

The original seat cushion padding was quite poor (a mix of shredded foam and cotton bits), and we replaced those with new foam.

NOTE: From a distance, the camera gives the fabric a really odd look because of the tight pattern (a basket weave in black and beige). For better photos of what the fabric looks like, scroll down to the photos of the individual chair.

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