Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Antique Living Room Set (3 of 4) - Antique Sofa - Beige/Cream Abstract

Here is the matching sofa that goes with the previous wing chair, and the following sofa chair. This is a set that we believe dates from around the 1920s or 30s.

While the wing chair was finished in a dark grey/black print, the next two pieces are in a much lighter beige/cream colour, with an abstract wavy horizontal pattern.

Again, this piece was completely stripped down, repaired (the back was broken on one side), and refinished to match the other pieces. Skirts were removed, and the original front wood appliqu├ęs were (refinished and) reattached.

As with the other two pieces, note that the front band just under the cushion is incorrect (loose and baggy, and should be attached to the front spring wire).

Sofa Before:

Again, the bottom webbing is incorrectly installed. It should always be basket woven.

While the back webbing is not technically incorrect, with this little amount of webbing, it won't be long before it starts to stretch and bow-out.

Like this:

Frame 90% stripped.

All the spring ties were quite worn. It was also the (likely original) old 4 way tie (we only use 8 way since it's much stronger/longer lasting).

One of the many busted twines.

The back was a mess.

Here is the broken back rest that we had to repair.

We also reglued both arm fronts. Otherwise the frame was in good solid shape.

I don't know how it happened, but I forgot a photo of both the bottom webbing, and the newly tied springs. You'll have to use your imagination (or visit another one of our antique sofa blog posts). Hopefully you can see the difference with how nice and square, and even the springs are sitting. Also note refinished frame.

Stitched springs:

Edge roll attached:

Base layer of straw. The original straw was quite lumpy and misshapen, so we disassembled it and redistributed it into an even layer. Over this went some cotton, then the rough cover.

Back re-webbed, springs re-attached, and re-strung. Note the additional webbing (straps) used, for a longer lasting back.

Burlap, and stitched springs:

The arms and back were finished in the same way as the wing, and sofa chair.

Finished Sofa:

Note: the client wanted no more ribs/piping to divide the back, and she wanted only one long cushion, rather than 3.

Detail of refinished wood work:

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