Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fraser Bros. Arm Chair - Modernized Light Grey

Here is a good quality chair, with coil springs made by Fraser Bros. of Montreal, still in the original fabric. The client wanted the chair modernized, with no facings (front arm caps), no piping, and a different skirt design.


While we were waiting for finial decisions about the patterns/designs, we re-tied the springs in the deck, and installed new burlap. The reason the arm fabric was still attached was for our patterns.

New burlap and hand-stitched original edge roll.

Here's the finished chair, HOWEVER: the client originally wanted the skirts as shown in these photos, but he did not like them, so we had to remake them. The finished skirts went up to the corners (as normal), and I have no pictured with the skirts redone.

The crease at the back corners were also fixed.

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