Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Side Chair - Modern Gold and Grey

This was a nice side chair, with carved legs and arm details, tufted back, and the client was a young lady wanting to have the chair redone for a new apartment.

The work involved refinishing the frame, and making new covers/patterns, and re-stuffing the seat.

As-is, I absolutely loved the old fabric that was on it. The colour was a beautiful lime-gold with an embossed brownish dark green pattern. The look of it was similar to what you'd expect from the old embossed table cloths. This fabric, however, was not the original (as you'll see below).

An interesting note is that the fabric was installed sideways on this chair. Usually a pattern like this would be installed in the other direction (with the main pattern forming harlequins/diamonds).

Here is the original fabric, with a white background and green club-like patterns. The previous upholsterer just sewed the new fabric directly over the old one to form the tufted back. This is just laziness. The foam from the original back panel (with the tufts) was worn out, so we replaced the entire thing.

Newly refinished frame, with re-stuffed seat, and new Terylene padding.

New back webbing.

The finished chair! (In the end, the client wanted no buttons)

Originally, the client had thought of using a matching gold fabric on the chair back. She didn't like the way it looked in the lighting at her place, so she had us make a throw pillow with it instead. The gold pillow fabric looked like a perfect match "in person", but as seen in the camera photos, it doesn't seem to match at all. In person, the colour of the pillow looks much more orange/gold.

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