Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bisson & Choquette Swivel Chair - Bright Pink Floral

It's been quite a while since the blog has been updated, and I have about 3 months worth of projects to add over the next week or so.

Here is a very nice quality swivel chair, made by the company Bisson & Choquette out of Montreal. The chair has a massive wooden frame (very solid), and high-end feather pillows. The client wanted modifications to the chair to have the outer edge more squared, and with a piping there.

Though I haven't added the photos of all the steps involved, it took quite a bit of work to re-stuff and firm-up the interior edge to get a more squared shape (at least a day's worth of work). The client was very happy with the finished chair.


Note how the arms just gently curve in towards the centre of the chair, with no definition there.

The swivel base was stamped with a date.

Lots and lots of work later, note the nice squared top edge.

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