Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Modern Wing Chair - Deep Blue Pinstripes

Here is an interesting take on a traditional wing chair. This chair had some pet damage (scratch marks) as well as years of smoke damage.


This piece shows the original colour of the fabric.

Finished chair:

Antique Birch Occasional Chair - Light Grey Satin Print

Here is a lovely antique chair that was in need of repairs. The frame had some loose joints, and the front of the seat had collapsed.

Here are the before photos:

You can't see too well, but the entire front upholstery was loose and floppy/collapsed.

The old webbing and springs had bowed and stretched out the bottom quite a bit (which happens over time).

When Pierre opened the front of the seat, he found a bunch of wadding stuffed into the cavity in a poor attempt to repair the seat.

With the padding removed, we could see that the old burlap was all torn at the front (again, this is normal wear and tear over time).

The old springs showed signs of previous repairs (newer non-matching ties):

Original seat stuffing:

The chair before being reassembled:

New webbing:

Springs re-tied and burlap installed (sorry no photos). Front edge roll rebuilt and installed:

The original stuffing was re-installed, with a new rough cover, followed by the finish fabric.

Rough cover on the back rest.

And here's the finished chair. We were very lucky to find a nearly perfect match for the gimp (decorative trim):

Sklar Peppler Loveseat - Off White Paisley Print

Here is a Sklar Peppler loveseat, which was going with the two previous blue arm chairs. This fabric is hard to show properly in the photos, but it is off-white (slightly grey) with a white satin paisley print over it.


Finished sofa:

This is how it will look with the two coordinating toss pillows.

Pair of Upholstered Arm Chairs - Royal Blue

These two chairs were fairly new, but one chair was lightly soiled, and the owner wanted to change the colour scheme. These two chairs also went with a loveseat which will be posted next.


Stripped down:

Pierre and I didn't like how they had attached the foam at the front, since it left a bit of a hollow, so this area was filled-in with cotton.