Sunday, August 25, 2013

Antique Carved Mahogany Chair (Complete Overhaul) - Black Leather

This was a stunning carved mahogany chair. The frame construction was massive and rock solid. It came to us in rather poor shape, but with newly restored upholstery, and gentle cleaning, it's ready for another century of use.

New webbing:

The original upholstery on the backrest is simply wonderful. Look at the tightly stitched edges.

The original horsehair, stuffing, and coils before taking them apart and re-installing them in the chair.

Restored "first stuffing" on the chair.

Not shown (I forgot to take photos), the next step was the second stuffing, which is cotton, with a layer of muslin over it. After this, the new leather, decorative gold-leaf edging, and ornate tacks.

Gold leaf trim before attaching and antiquing.

Detail of finished trim and carving.

The finished chair:

These casters are particularly interesting, and beautifully made. They have the words "Parry's Patent" written on the outer brass wheel, but we weren't able to find any information about them. The surface of the brass seems to have traces of gold plating. The chair is in a Revival style, and would date from around roughly 1870-1890.

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