Sunday, August 25, 2013

Coombe Wing Chair - White

As far as we can tell, this wing chair is made by the Coombe Furniture Company around the 1950s. Coombe was a well known company that made high quality pieces, and their chair frames were made in Elm (as this one is). I was able to find one other example on the web that had identical legs.

This chair was a bit more of a challenge to work on, since the chair arrived to us as a stripped frame. This meant that we had to redo the stuffing and create new patterns from scratch. The chair also needed a few pieces repaired. Both wing tips were damaged (and loose on the frame), and one leg (the right one) was completely detached.

This small scrap of light green and yellow fabric was likely the original fabric on this chair (it was found under a piece of webbing).

Fixing the wings:

3/4 of the way through, just before attaching a side panel:

The finished chair! It really came out well. I especially like how the arms and wings look. Very crisp details.

The legs were touched-up (to remove scratches), and given a wax polish.

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