Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pair of Art Deco Chairs - Grey

This was an interesting pair of chairs to work on. At first glance they didn't appear to be very old, but once we opened them up, we found that they were probably from the 1930s or 40s, perhaps early 50s. They have coiled backs, with straw and curled hair or moss stuffing, and the cushions are also sprung, and were stuffed with straw and felt/cotton.

As received:

The current cushion covers were already covering up previous layers:

Some of the corners/joints under the current upholstery were sloppy, so we made corrections on the new upholstery. Sadly I forgot to photograph these, but basically we tightened up the corners and had a sewn seam here.

A previous upholsterer had stuffed foam in between the springs. We don't know why. These blocks were removed.

Here is some of the old original stuffing.

The seat cushions turned out to have 3 layers on them. The floral, the orange, and then a deep blue.

Bare cushion (viewed from the side). You can sort of see the springs, which are sandwiched in layers of straw and felt/cotton.

Here are the finished chairs (only one shown). The wooden legs were also touched up.

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