Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3 Piece Antique Settee Set - Red - Project of the Month (November - December 2014)

Here is another nice settee set found at auction, and in desperate need of repairs. The new owner (same as the previous 4 chairs) wanted the old upholstery removed, with new foam installed, and to have the frames stripped down, repaired, and have the fragile veneer patched and repaired as best we could. The set is likely from around the 1890s or early 1900s.

Here are the before photos:

The upholstery that was on these chairs was a complete mess.

A complete mix of disintegrated old original stuffing, plus newer foam tossed over the older stuffing.

The 3 pieces were completely dismantled for repairs and refinishing.

A lot of time was spent doing the repairs to the veneer, and regluing loose veneer that was lifting around the edges.

New webbing, followed by new foam (the owner did not want the springs reinstalled).

Here are the three pieces completely repaired, refinished, and upholstered in a lovely dark red/burgundy.

The chair was the piece that needed the most severe veneer repairs, but I think they came out really well, and the client was very happy with them.


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