Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Retro 1940s or 50s Hide-A-Bed and 2 Matching Chairs - Green and Brown Vinyl

Here is a wonderful and unusual 1940s or 1950s chrome, and "faux bois" painted Sofa set, which has a roll-out hide-a-bed, and 2 matching chairs. This was quite an unusual and interesting set.

The set had a few issues with it. First, the upholstery was quite faded and worn in places, then there was a lot of scratching inside the circular side "pans" with the faux bois (wood grained) finish, and there were also a LOT of missing buttons that the owner wanted to have put back. The arm tops were also badly flaking, and we stripped those and refinished them in the same 2-tone effect.

The owner chose a green "emu" pattern vinyl for the sofa, and a matching light brown for the two chairs.


I believe there were only 2 or 3 buttons left out of 28.

The back bracket was also repainted silver, since it was scratched, and has a few rust spots showing.

This shows some of the scratching on one of the 6 pans.

One of the chairs:

This may look like old dirt, but it's simply padding that's been set against the webbing to keep the springs quiet.

This shows the underside of one of the chair frames before taking it apart. Note the cotton, which is between the springs and the webbing.

Old stuffing removed, showing the old base layers in need of new burlap.

The original stuffing (which goes on top of the base in the previous photo, is simply straw and cotton (very common - and it lasts nearly forever).

New webbing, spring "cage" reinstalled, with new burlap.

Existing edge roll reinstalled with new burlap (hand stitched).

Arms before refinishing:

And here's the completed set. Refinished arm tops, repainted pan interiors (dark brown), and new vinyl upholstery. We also polished all the chrome.

As a small side project to go with these, there were also two small ottomans.



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