Sunday, February 2, 2014

Pair of Ribbed-Back Chairs - Dark Orange/Brown

I was quite surprised that 2 more of these chairs dropped into our shop for re-upholstery. If you remember back in September, we worked on two identical chairs, which were refinished in a dark brown, and got an interesting brown & blue fabric over them. You can see those here:

These two chairs were in similar (poor) condition. The owners wanted new (foam) stuffing, and we had to completely repair the frames. The owner also needed a colour and pattern that would match with her other pieces, so after a lot of back-and-forth between several options, she chose this nice orangey-brown patterned fabric, which matches well with the Birch frames, as well as with her existing sofa, etc.


Note the back, which is all lumpy, since the last person changed the chairs from having a ribbed back to a plain back. They didn't add enough stuffing to properly even-out everything.

While dis-assembling the chairs, we found an interesting repair, using an old box of Bostich staples. We had a similar box on hand.

The old stuffing on these (as with the previous pair) was mostly straw, with some cotton.

One of the two chairs disassembled.


New webbing and burlap.

New foam and Terylene:

The original "tubes" of cotton stuffing for the back ribs were still there, and we reused them with some fresh cotton added where needed. The ribbed backs with the accent buttons (as it was done originally) really adds a lot of nice detail to these chairs.

Here they are, all done, and ready for many more years of service.

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