Saturday, September 28, 2013

1962 Wing Chair - White

It's fairly rare that we have an exact date for old chairs, but this particular chair came with a few stamps and a card, which gave us this information.

The chair is a well made wing chair built in 1962. We're not quite sure what company made it, but it was made for "Morgans" as the card states (see photo).

The chair had been stored in a damp basement, and had also been ruined by cats, and the owner had the upholstery removed from it, thus the reason our before photos only show the bare frame. The original upholstery was a bright lilac purple with hints of light blue. Only threads of this were found on some of the remaining tacks (which we removed).

The grey padding is rubberized horse (or pig) hair.

Curved side rails.

As the card states, the chair was made on April 3rd 1962, and two additional office date stamps on the sides stated May 1962 (presumably when the chair had upholstery applied over the frame).

A few "in progress" photos, including re-padding with foam and cotton.

Preliminary (rough cotton) covers.

Arms and wings attached.

And finally the finished chair. Again, this one was in white, and belongs to the same customer who also owns the white love seat, and the other white (Coombe) wing chair (see past posts), as well as several other chairs we've posted.

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