Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pair of Arm Chairs - Modern Grey-Blue/Brown Floral

These were very interesting chairs to work on. At first glance, they didn't seem very old, but when I was dismantling them, we made several interesting discoveries...

First, here were the chairs "as received". They were both upholstered in an old textured fabric in two different colours.

The sagging was due to both seats having essentially "caved in" (see farther down).

We were not surprised to find that the previous upholsterer had just covered over the old fabric...

Both on the seat, and on the back.

A repair on both chairs had been attempted on the underside. One had this old 100LB bag of sugar...

A quick search reveals that this bag is actually a Redpath sugar bag, with most of the red ink faded.

The other had this old table cloth with decorative pom-pom details.

Both collapsed seats looked like this from the bottom. The burlap and ties on both sides had torn away, and the stuffing on both edges of the seats was being pushed into the bottom of the chairs. Note that these were stuffed with straw and cotton.

The client wanted the chair frames to be painted a dark brown/black colour. These were the stripped frames ready for spraying.

The seat portions were redone with foam, rather than the old straw and lumpy cotton, and the backs were entirely rebuilt from scratch (NOT covered over the old ones). These were re-stuffed with the existing cotton rolls. New buttons were made in the same fabric (the old ones were mismatched clothing buttons).

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