Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Pair of Carved Mahogany Victorian Chairs - Modern Pattern/Circles

These were finished about a week ago, but we've been working on them for nearly a month.

These two chairs were in extremely bad shape. I don't know if the owner has had them several years, or if these are chairs she picked up somewhere, but they arrived at the shop looking like this:

She wanted the chairs stripped and refinished, and reupholstered with a new (modern) fabric.

I have no idea what happened with the bottom fabric, the back rests (and stuffing for them), and the gimp/piping. It looks like they were mostly stripped down but they had another fabric on top of what's currently showing.

The original stuffing had already been replaced with a mess of foam, cotton, and webbing.

The chairs had several broken pieces, and hundreds of holes (from staples and tacks) that were in places where they shouldn't have ever been placed (like along the centre of the mahogany stretcher in the following photo).

The two lower triangular blocks aren't original, and there is another repair along the top.

As I mentioned, these took a long time to fix. Pierre had to reglue them, putty and patch them, and replace missing original wood blocks for the seat portion of one chair.

This is how they turned out. New webbing, burlap, new foam/stuffing, new top fabric and double-piping, and black bottom fabric. The client was very happy with them.

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