Thursday, September 12, 2013

Early Antique Stencilled Chair Repair

This was a fairly simple repair to a beautiful and very old chair. These chairs are sometimes called a "Hitchcock" chair, or a "Baltimore" chair, as well as by a few other names. The chair was very likely made around 1820-1830.

The chair was in great condition except for a break on the left scrolled arm.

Chair with the broken arm removed:

Here is the broken arm, which was cleaned-up (at the joint), and drilled for a dowel (for extra strength).

We made a quick clamping jig to align the pieces while the glue dried overnight.

And here's the finished chair.

Can you spot the repair?

Super close-up.

A few additional photos of the chair's stencils and decorations. The main chair colour is grain-painted to look like Rosewood, with other decorations in gold paint.

The original hand-woven rush seat (in great original condition).

The underside:

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